How To Properly Wax Your Car For The Best Possible Finish

Everyone wants and loves that awesome shine that is on every new car. A flawless look of perfection that is desirable to all. That look does not have to be only a car dealership finish but is one that can be acquired at home by you with just a little effort and patience and it does not have to be expensive either.

Ask around and find out which brand of waxing is best. See what others have used, do a bit of research online and make sure that you check out the Consumers website to see what consumers are ranking as the number one non abrasive car wax. Keep in mind that expensive car waxes do not always mean that they are the best.

You have to begin this procedure with a freshly washed car even if that means washing it more than once. It also must be completely dry before you begin. Typically, many may think that a nice sunny day is the best type of weather for waxing your car but actually the opposite is true. Not to say that you should decide to wax your car on a day where there is the threat of rain but the sun has a tendency to bake on the wax before you get a chance to rub it off. If it is a sunny day then just park your car in the shade for a while during waxing.

Most agree that a dampened sponge works best for the initial application of the wax. Taking a very small amount and beginning with one section of the car, rub in a continuous circular motion. Continue until the vehicle is covered with the wax, which should by now be dry. Then you will need a smooth cloth similar to a cloth baby diaper or cheesecloth and go back to where you originally began and using a moderate amount of pressure you want to rub the wax off in the opposite direction in which it was applied. Using small circles, you will buff the wax off. Make sure that you have a good supply of clean cloths to work with so that as you move along you are not reapplying existing wax from the cloth to the car again.

Once you are finished you should take another clean cloth and go back over the whole car again to avoid those nasty streaks that are nothing short of an eye sore. One of the most important things to remember is that the wax can not hang out on the car while you stop for lunch. In other words, this is a continual process from start to finish until it is complete. Once the wax has been on the car for an extended period of time it can actually damage the car's paint job. Aim to complete the entire process within a two hour window.

Afterwards, you will feel great about the job that you have completed and about how great your car looks. Even though the job is a bit time consuming and requires diligent effort, it is much less expensive and a better quality then to have it done professionally.


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